Welcome on IS of Information System of SOERE F-ORE-T

The IS maintains a database of the data generated within the different sites composing SOERE F-ORE-T. It allows data providers to publish their data in the database and to manage access rights and allows users to see the available data and access it with or without specific request for access as appropriate.
Current and historical data are being published and new data are also regularly added. The IS is still under development, the online version is not final. Some developments will be made in the months ahead including the integration of new data types (gas fluxes chambers, soil and soil solution analyses).

How to access data ?

See what data are currently available in the database.

The information system contains data that are freely available and accessible data after validation of a specific request from the responsible scientist. In all cases, you must login before you can query the database and retrieve data for your needs.

How to use the data ?

Access to and use of data from SOERE F-ORE-T are governed by terms of use that you will have to accept to get an account on the information system.
You can find all the features of IS in this manual.

For more informations about the SOERE :

Please consult the SOERE's website